JavaScript Intellisense are available for the following {0} files/libraries:

Auto completion

JavaScript auto completion In supported JavaScript editors, Intellisense files offers auto-completion for a more productive workflow.

Visual Studio uses the files to offer advanced and precise auto-completion for a wide variety of libraries.

Public API

Public API for JavaScript Intellisense files The JSON API contains a list of JavaScript Intellisense files for known JavaScript files and libraries. Each Intellisense file can be consumed by Visual Studio 2013 and newer.

The API exposes metadata about each Intellisense file in the following format:

  "name": "Angular Intellisense",
  "description": "Intellisense for angular.js files",
  "url": ""

name, description and url are all required properties.
The url property is an absolute URI pointing to the file. It can be hosted anywhere on the web.